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Suite 1 580 Hume Highway
NSW 2170

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Greenspan's mission is to build an ongoing business relationship with our clients that is fruitful and rewarding to both parties. We endeavour to provide our clients with well-structured, resourceful finance while providing them with high quality service that is prompt, courteous and helpful. We want our clients to feel that they never have to worry about chasing financiers. Greenspan was established in 1999 after its founders recognised a need to better service the community than what was currently being provided by the major banks. Having come from the banking sector, the founders established the business to offer a more personal touch than what was currently being offered. Greenspan remains a family business with a very low turnover of staff. The advantage is that our customers know that they will deal with the same people year after year. We know our customers and our customers know us. We have developed and grown over the years thanks to the efforts of our customers and their feedback. We don't profess to be perfect, but we are quick in resolving issues and learning from them. We always welcome feedback, good or bad. After all this is how we all learn and grow together.

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