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Lachlan is an experienced banking and finance professional with a Bachelor of Business Degree and a Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Management. Following a successful career spanning more than a decade with Bendigo Bank, Lachlan now focuses his expertise on directly assisting home buyers, property investors and small businesses with cost-effective solutions to their finance needs. Lachlan also has excellent experience as an educator and goes to great lengths to ensure his clients fully understand the finance options available to them and how they can be used to build wealth. He will take the time to understand your personal financial circumstances and objectives and work with you closely to help you formulate an effective plan to help you achieve your goals. Lachlan prides himself on his ability to build long-term relationships with his customers and to simplify the process of helping you get the right finance in place for your needs, now and into the future. Lachlan is a wealth of information for first home buyers, next home buyers and those planning for retirement. His excellent experience also makes him invaluable if you are looking for finance to purchase a car or another large purchase to improve your lifestyle. Small business customers can rely on Lachlan to help them organise a variety of different financing options from loans for equipment to inventory and cash flow management, as well as commercial property and other uses.

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